That’s me! I’m Leah, a freelance product designer with over 5 years of experience, based in NYC.
Within product design, I specialize in:
• Making complex user flows feel simple
• Creating compelling splash screens
• Designing for web, iOS and Android
• Designing for both humans and SEO
• Visual design, from type to color to layout

Have a project in mind? Send me a message at
Most recently I was at The New York Times, working on their app and subscribing experience. 
If you were annoyed by paywalls until you finally caved and subscribed, then you’ve interacted with my work, thank you very much. My focus was on subscription growth within the apps, but I also worked on the subscribing experience for Home Delivery and for international readers.
Before that, I was on the West Coast, where I designed the logged-out version of LinkedIn.
This was crucial for acquiring new members without accounts, but also for growth through SEO, since these are LinkedIn’s only pages exposed to Google. Before my time in San Francisco, I worked with Compass, WNET, and others, doing product, graphic design, animation, and TV production. I also graduated from Carnegie Mellon School of Design.  
I’m now open to part-time or contract work. 
I’m especially interested in media, the arts, education, health, and anything that makes people happy. Want to work together? Reach out a Talk soon!
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