Design is fun!
Post Cards for Public Schools
I designed the postcard below, and brought copies to a local postcard-writing-to-politicians-party. They were a hit! Feel free to print one out and write a letter to your local politician! Click here for more information on vouchers, and here for more on DeVos's views.
I'm with her – Hebrew logotype
I know what you're thinking - "Why is the arrow going from right to left (RTL)?" The arrow in Clinton's logo, pointing to the right, symbolizes moving forward into the future. Since in English we read, and do most things LTR, we associate the left with the past, and the right with the future. What about in RTL languages, like Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, and Urdu? Is the future to the left?

A motion piece about the local Barcelona book store (English subtitles coming soon!)
Gilbert and George
I designed branding materials for the strange duo's theoretical exhibit at Fundació Catalunya La Padrera. Below is a brochure for attendees and a street banner.
An fun experiment in motion.
Frutiger Type Study
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