Home Delivery Landing Page
Helping readers get The New York Times delivered to their doorstep.
To subscribe to Home Delivery, readers input their zip code, find their delivery options, and choose the one that's right for them. For this 2-quarter-long redesign, I was the sole designer, and worked closely with Brand, Marketing and Research. 
The existing experience (below) was outdated, and didn't meet accessibility standards. Meanwhile, Home Delivery sales were steadily decreasing. 
I set out to improve the conversion rate and overall experience.
Users were confused about pricing, what's included, and had trouble differentiating the options. 
The page also confused users because it looked so different from other parts of the NYT site. We did a series of A/B tests to make incremental changes and understand their impact.
We tested different layouts...
I hypothesized that removing unnecessary information, adding imagery, and chunking information into sections would help people move through the flow.
made the options clearer...
• moved from checkboxes to buttons to remove a step and make options feel more actionable
• improved readability
• added billing information to reduce confusion
• highlighted the most popular option to alleviate the paradox of choice
showed off photos from our insta fans...
Interestingly, this helped conversion when we were not on sale, and hurt when we were. My hypothesis is that it distracted from the enticing sale price.
and tested an animated illustration against a photograph.
The photo won, but we're currently planning a photo shoot so that we can test different types of imagery. 
This work was responsible for the vast majority of the over-performance in Home Delivery starts vs budget in 2020, and we're not done! Some next steps:
• a photoshoot so we can test different types of photos
• thinking about how we might test displaying historic front pages
• being more specific about the digital perks of the subscription
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